Roxanne Barratt

The March Charge 2020

My Story

I haven't exactly made a secret of what it was I lost in 2019.

But, to recap, after 2.5 years (give or take) of fighting tooth and nail for her life, my mother ultimately succumbed to her gastric cancer.

My life since has been an endless quest to live in her honour. I've made a lot of changes that she'll never see. I've done a lot of awesome things she'll never know about. I've made so many plans that I know she'd find exciting. And I've done all of these things with the aim to not make the life she gave me a waste. While it's been good for me, it's not a mindset I'd wish on anyone.

So, the best next step seems to be to once again do something a little more constructive with these goals. I did the March Charge a couple of years ago, and this made her happy because I was giving it a crack with her in mind, and it made me happy because I actually felt I was contributing to something worthwhile. I thought I'd do it again, with a bigger goal though, because challenges are good and all that. Something I probably couldn't have done the first time around. 

When mum was first diagnosed, the Cancer Council provided her with so much comfort, as I'm sure they do for many other patients and families. The work they do is brilliant, and it's necessary, and it would be a delight to be able to fund raise for them again. goes, I suppose!