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The March Charge 2022

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For my Beautiful wife Kaya taken at only 33

On the 13th of Jan (My Kaya's birthday) we had to call an ambulance to rush my Kaya to hospital at the time this unfortunately wasn’t anything out of the ordinary because she had been sick for some months but it was on this trip to hospital further investigations were done and an inoperable tumour was found on her liver a month later we received a stage 4 terminal diagnosis with 3 to 6 months for her to live nothing could prepare us for hearing those words or for what the next 364 days had in stall for us.

Kaya was put onto an intensive ongoing cycle of chemotherapy to try give her more time walking this earth to spend time with her family and friends.

The daily toll the treatment had on her body and her mental state knowing she had to keep putting this poison in her body just to keep her here a little longer.

The strength kaya showed day to day trying her best to not let this diagnosis define who she was or what she wanted to complete

The Fight Kaya put  against her has inspired myself and every person that knew or met kaya. 

Unfortunately Kaya Passed away 1 day shy of 12 months from when we received her diagnosis. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Alan Bruce

You’re doing her proud Chris. She would be so proud of you. We really need to kick cancers arse so that one day it will just be a easily treatable disease


Joan Kerr -nanna



Jeanette Kennett



You have been amazing supporting Kaya and your family through this. This will now support others who face the terrible disease of cancer.


Courtney Garbutt

In honour of my beautiful best friend who was brave right to the very end. Miss you Kaya.


Roomsix Barbershop


Luke Jones


Herb, Kym & The Crew??

Go hard Legend! Your doing a great thing mate.


Maja Pasaricek

Here is to the great cause, and honouring Kaya. Keep up the amazing work.


Shane Hughes

Thinking of you, Scarlett and the family.


Krista Payne

Good luck with the fundraising Chris! An amazing cause and a brilliant way to honour the memory of Kaya


Allan Kerr




Workskil Australia


Dania Abbot

You and Kaya were both so lucky to have had each other Chris. ❤️ You are an amazing husband and Father who took on Kaya’s Cancer battle like it was your own. I remember at Kaya’s funeral a comment was made how she wanted to be in your skin.. Well your love , protection and loyalty showed her that she was. Love you all 🥰


Kaz Larkins

We are all behind you. Xo


Bec Hughes


Marlee Terry

Love From the Terry’s 💕


Roxaan Hill

Kaya would be so proud of you Chris. She was such a beautiful person and a wonderful co-worker and very missed. Thinking of you and your family❤❤


Phil Burns

Well done Chris!


Peter Kerr

Good luck wear out a couple of pairs of shoes


Alex Apostolakis

Beautiful way to honour Kaya. All the best.


Steph Thompso.

Go team 💪💪


Oggie Bosnjak


Roxanne Van Dyk




Christine Fergus

Good luck champion! Love and strength to you and your beautiful family 😊


Carlos Pleitez