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This will be my second year taking part in the March Charge to raise much needed funding for those affected by cancer. I lost my beautiful mum to small cell lung cancer in February 2017, and more recently my grandmother to the same cancer towards the end of last year. I know first hand how painful, terrifying and mentally distressing going through cancer treatment is, especially when faced with a terminal diagnosis. The patient, their carers and loved ones are all impacted, and I hope by raising money for those currently battling this cruel disease I can help make their journey a little less painful, and by raising awareness, contribute towards removing the stigma often associated with lung cancer.

Now onto the fun bit - I am pledging to double what I achieved last year and up my running target to 100km. For someone who cannot think of anything worse than running and who considers 1km a push, this will be a huge challenge for me. It’s a small price to pay for such a fantastic cause that is so very close to my heart. 

Every single cent will help. 

Thank you!


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Keep up the good werk 🤙🏃‍♀️


Gabriella Simonian


Steph Solomonides

For Boo. For Soleil. Proud of you xxx



For you, for Boo, love Beheshta x


Shannon Mccoy


Patrick O'halloran


Alex Simonian


Elle Koukis



Jared Wilton

Great dedication Gabby!


Jared Chidgey


Jennifer Mcneillie

You’re amazing, keep it up! Xoxo -Mowgli


Antonia Corrigan

Good luck lovely, amazing cause xxx


Jessica X

Proud of you! Always x


Tessa Ratcliffe

You’re an inspiration


Cereen Varghese



Becky Wilson

Your determination is incredible and we love you xx


Leah Urban

Go... Go Gabi Go!!!!! You are wonderful xxx


Cameron Starkey

Amazing effort 👏🏻👏🏻


Kim Stevens

Amazing effort Gabby, truly wonderful. Congratulations.



Great work Gabby not far to go now


Ben Pisaturo

Go Gabby


Katie Guthrie

You’re amazing & I’m so proud of your running efforts! Keep it up lovely... lots of love!


Sharon Holmes

Amazing effort Gabby ❤️


Sarah Andrews

Well done Gabi


Benji Chen

You're amazing, Gabby!


Sam T

Good luck, Gabi!


Carolyn Mcneillie

I love you, cousin ❤️



Ledge x


Marina Marangos

What a lovely way to keep your mum close and help others. Keep going Gabi. All the best Marina


Stephen Walsh


Kurt B

Goooooo Gabby!!!! 😎😎😎


David Sutherland

Great cause Gabi


Jim Mcneillie

Yay - go Gabby! Good for you!


David Sutherland

Great initiative Gabby. Goodluck with getting to your 100km target



Good luck Gabby! You're a champ


Jen Mcneillie



Sussan Deng

Well done and good luck on the last 6km! I lost my father to lung cancer two and a bit years ago, so all I can say is good work.


Max Clarke


Charley Rowley

Well done Gabby - inspiring stuff and a great cause!


Tom Archer

Good Luck Gabi!


Miranda Rutherford

So sad to hear about your story but amazing what you are doing - my dad has lung issues so hits close to home



Well done juice!


Annabelle Conaghan

Such a good cause Gabby! Well done


Tania Dean

Good luck Gabby! You’re doing awesome!


Jamie Gettings

Smashing it Gabs!


Sarah Curtis

Love you xx so proud of you xx


Charlie Whelton


Mariella Crosthwait


Byron Christensen

Great work!! keep it up!


Marissa Laliberte

Way to go Gabi!


Rupert Simonian

Well done Gabi!!!!


Viktoria Cerena


David Urban

Good luck Gaybee! A great cause and I hope all is well otherwise down under.