The March Charge 2021

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Lynn and Billie's last-minute appeal for sponsors!!!

Hi family and friends. Billie and I are just about finished  our fifth March Charge! Throughout March, we have raised a nice little sum of $$ for cancer research, but we are just a little short of our goal. Can any of you who haven't made a donation yet see it in your hearts to donate the cost of a cup of coffee or two to get us over the line?

We've walked a few km this month, the old Billie and I (We'll tell you all exactly how many tomorrow, but it's well over our target! The March Charge ends tonight, but of course you can still sponsor us for the next week or so - but no more walks count towards our total. We wrapped up March with a healthy 6 km today.

For a while there, I thought Billie had hung up her walking boots, and that I'd be pushing her around in the stroller from hereon in, but it must have been that she just needed a break, because she has been pounding the pavements (and Cooleman Ridge) solidly for the last couple of weeks. She's quite an achiever, is Billie the Wonder Dog (and might I add that she is an impressive 15 years old!

Please support us, please donate to cancer research! This is for any of us who have been touched by cancer - the sufferers, their families, their friends - and I know that many of you have been affected by cancer in one way or another.

We'll be back again next year, Billie and I, for another Charge. We are always touched, and very grateful for your support. Thank you all

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paulina Derlacki

Go Lynn and Billie!!!!


Jeanette Whiteley

Good luck Lynn & Billie.


Neil, Jane And Rhys Hansen

Well done Lynn and Billie .. you are both inspirational xxx


Graham Gill

Well Done Lynn and Billie the wonder dog!


Lynn Gill


Judy Broster


Peter Saultry


Paul Gillis


Scott Hansen


Michelle Maclachlan


Maree Hourigan

Go Lynn. Great cause.


Nina Mclean

Great work Lynn and Billie!


Denise Smith

Go hard




Tony Scerri

Well done, that man!


Stefan Redford