Urgh, fine. I'll walk with you. Let me change my shoes.

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Elpis Bates

Go Peta! I know you will smash it (even if you don't really want to :) )


Clare Hughes


Nick Buchanan



I know you will reach your target!


Joanna Sheppard

Go Pooka!


R + J

Go Pooks! Keep on walkin


S+p Mangion


Natalie Stapleton


Ommi Leah

Go go go 💕


Can Too Foundation

What a way to tell cancer where to go! Good Luck with your Charge.



Go Pooka


Angelina Belluomo

Sweet angel


Nikola Ellis


Michelle Beck

Great initiative Cancer nurses helped my mum who bravely fought but lost her breast cancer battle


Korina Richmond


Clare Hughes

Go Peta! Rope me in for a lunchtime walk if you need to.





Just helping one of us reach their fundraising goal!