Xavier Chubb

The March Charge 2022

My Activity Tracking


My target 150kms


My name is Xavier Chubb and I am eight years old. 

Last year with the help of our family and friends and my school community, our team Charge for Change raised $2557 for the cancer council to help find a cure for cancer. I raised $1911 and became a Diamond Charger. This year I am going to aim to do more than 150km in March

My Nonno had prostate Cancer and is now healthy again because of some very special doctors and surgeons.  My Grandad is living with a cancer called Metastatic Melanoma. It is a skin cancer that has travelled into his lung.  Because of cancer research, some very clever scientists, doctors and nurses have been able to give him a new treatment that is helping his body fight the cancer and be strong again. 

I will be playing with my friends, running at school, playing basketball, cricket, soccer and little athletics to try and get the most kilometres. 
I really want to beat my Mum and Dad AGAIN with the most kilometres and raise the most money in our team to help people who are sick with cancer. 

I will try my best. If you can, please support Charge for Change! 
From Xavier 

Thank you to my Sponsors



Well done Xavier love you Nonno xoxoxox


Mary Henderson

We are very proud of you and what you are doing to raise money for cancer research 💙Uncle Steven and Auntie Mary


Mum And Dad

We are so proud of you Xavier! You have already smashed your goal, and still getting your steps up, even in iso! Well done. Love Mum and Dad. xx


Dennis Mutton

Hi beautiful boy! Another year doing your best to make life better for others 👍 You are a CHAMPION in my eyes.🎖 Here's to lots of steps and lots of love to you .💙