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My target 100kms

Platinum Charger $1500+

Thanks so much to everyone who’s donated to my March Charge challenge in support of people affected by cancer! You’ve helped me raise $1561.76 so far! I wanted to let you know that not only did I reach my goal… I went beyond and hit 156! And I’m still Charging to tell cancer where to go!

If you haven’t donated yet, it’s not too late! Every dollar will go towards lifesaving cancer research and treatment. Check out my fundraising page here: https://www.themarchcharge.com.au/fundraisers/KarenMinter1435

Halfway there!

Day 13 and I’ve reached 50km of my 100km target.
I am confident now I will reach 100km.  After a couple of tough weeks emotionally and physically I still managed to walk, sometimes once a day sometimes twice.
I now will be making a huge decision whether to have surgery  to remove my tumour as it will result in the loss of my right kidney.
I’m sure the surgeon will tell me everything I need to know to make this decision.
Thanks to everyone for their donations, I’m also confident to reach my goal of $1000. 

I'm supporting Cancer Council's The March Charge...

Hi everyone, I’m taking part in the March Charge this year, fundraising for the Cancer Council.  I have Charged in previous years as this was close to my heart, losing both my Mum and Dad to cancer.
But after my shock diagnosis of cancer late last year I am participating for myself, my family and friends who my journey has touched and made more aware of what a cancer sufferer goes through.  It is life changing and the support is so important.
I’m hoping to walk 100km during March and hope that can inspire others and lots of donations.
Let’s together kick cancer’s butt and tell it where to go.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sue Abbott

Loads and loads of love and hugs from us Xxx


Jason Martin


Ward Kirshaw

For a good cause


Jo-ann Raper

I have faith in you to complete this and to personally kick cancer’s butt. Go sis! 💕💕💕


Laraine & Joan

We have had the honour of knowing Karen since she was a baby. Karen is beautiful inside & out. Cancer has CAN in it for a reason it CAN be beaten! Karen has always achieved everythimg in life she has set her mind to & she has done it again! Love you Karen ❤️


Valmai Page

Great effort on reaching your target.


Lauren St Clair Skin & Beauty


Klean As By Kazz


Sharon Fowler

Great effort Karen


Tania Bettjeman


Belinda Mallam


Glenn & Sue

Fantastic work Karen! You are inspiring.




Jo & Les

Goodluck at reaching your goal your well on the way well done Kazz


Jaydie Minter

Mum I’m so proud of how strong you’ve been throughout this whole journey, not only with nan and grandad but on your own journey fighting this bitch of a thing. Makes it a heck of a lot easier for myself (and I’m sure everyone else around you/us) to stay positive and strong when you’re doing as good of a job at it as you are. You’re gonna kick it’s ass as well as this 100km. Love you ❤️


Fiona Mcinerney

Cancer is an ugly word with a scary meaning but you kick ass and and are brave and awesome and will fight it with your Super powers. Love ya Kazz💜


Diddle Watters

When stressed and in doubt CUPCAKE it out🧁kick cancers ass Kazz love ya💕💕


Chris Fergus

Go Kazz!!


Mick Minter

You can do it!


Noelene Riddle

Well done Karen. Proud of you


Kerry Seaton

With you “all the way”


Leanne Kilmore

You go girl 👏 you can do it


Renee Bowsher

Your such an inspiration Kazz!!


Ziggy Minter




Debbie Hayes-white


Karen Minter



You’ll smash it Aunty Karen