Prizes & Rewards

No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

You're doing something amazing, conquering your own personal fitness challenges whilst raising vital funds to help people impacted by cancer, now when they need it more than ever.

So, we've got your back! check out the rewards, and prizes up for grabs as you Charge to tell cancer where to go!

Final Charge Challenge - You have 48HRs to win the latest iPhone!

For every donation that you get of $25 or more in the final 48 hours of The March Charge (can you believe we’re there already?), you’ll get an entry into the draw to win the latest Apple iPhone 14 plus!*🤩 

That means two separate $25 donations means TWO entries and TWICE the chance to win that snazzy Apple iPhone 14 plus! But you only have until 11.59pm AEDT on Friday, 31 March!  

*Terms and conditions apply

Charge Self-Belief

Making a self-donation is the best way to show you back yourself and encourage others to give to your challenge! That’s right – if people can see that you’re committed to the cause then they’ll be motivated to help too.

And to show we back you as well, when you make a self-donation you'll receive a FREE one-month subscription to the health and wellness app KIC including access to their KICRUN program.*

That's a month's worth of:

  • 700+ tasty dietitian-approved recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to fuel your body
  • A guided running program with three sessions a week, empowering you to run 5km or 10km  
  • Yoga, Pilates, strength workouts, and guided meditations to improve your running and recovery

Whether you're just starting your running journey or already hitting the pavement, KIC's with you as you get ready for your Charge!  We're thinking a self donation of $31 is a good amount – $1 for every day you’ll Charge cool

*Terms and conditions apply

Make a self donation and win!

Diamond Club Charger 

We're so grateful for you joining us this year to Charge and fundraise for people impacted by cancer. Thank you!

Did you know, when you raise $1,000 you'll join our amazing passionate Diamond Club, and receive some incredible perks?

Why $1,000? That can help fund research to develop new drugs to stop the spread of cancer through the body. After 2020, people like you are so important for making sure that we can continue researching for better treatment and prevention of cancers.

And to say thanks for really feeling the Charge and telling cancer where to go in the biggest way, all of this will be yours!

*Terms and conditions apply

Dedicated calls and support from the March Charge team

Your very own Diamond Club t-shirt

Your name in lights on the website Diamond Club leaderboard

VIP Hub access with expert fitness tips, fundraising tools, recipes and more!

Premium Diamond Club fundraising page (and badge!)

VIP recognition on The March Charge Facebook page



Take your Charge one step at a time. To help, we've created Charge fundraising levels, and each level is based on your own personal fundraising goal.

Kick start your fundraising and you're already in Red and it'll be know time before your hitting the heights of Platinum as you tell cancer where to go!

Your Charge Badges

We all love collecting, that feeling of accomplishment when you tick everything off your list, right?! Charging is no different and this year there are 15 Badges to collect as you Charge.

Once you start you won't be able to stop and it won't be long before you've collected all 15 shiny badges!

Every time you head to your dashboard, you can see where you're up to. 

The March Charge Badges Rewards