North Midlands Chargers

The March Charge 2022

North Midlands Chargers Stampede!

In 2021 Mingenew Hockey Club got moving in the name of raising funds to help smash the Big C. Cancer has insidiously entered our lives on a personal, family and community level too many times to ignore - we want to fight back. 

After receiving astonishing support, and smashing our fitness and fundraising goals, this year we want to take it to the region. Cancer isn’t going away, and neither are we!

We hereby extend the welcome to individuals, teams, clubs and towns: Join us! Register yourself under the North Midlands Chargers banner, (our ‘workplace’) in a team of your choosing and be part of the growing stampede. By building momentum through participation across our region, it is our hope to encourage businesses and industry who live and work in our communities to back our efforts and boost the ultimate outcome for Cancer Council.

Every dollar makes a difference - do something for yourself while supporting those in need and come charging with  us!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Bredal Australia

Great cause, good work North Midlands


Dahnie Smart

Great work team! Fantastic cause!


Thurkle’s Dozing

Well done girls!! Inspirational stuff! Love the pics and the stories x


Andrea And Jeremy Benson

Well done everyone!


Kirsty Bagley

Great work team! Huge effort! 💪🏻


Kait Morgan

Go you good things!