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Introducing Sunny Sun Cycle, a dedicated group of individuals on a mission to combat cancer and make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected. We're rallying together to run or walk 50 kilometers each in the month of March, all in the name of raising vital funds for the Cancer Council.

What propels our passion isn't just a sense of altruism; it's deeply personal. Within our ranks are the fathers of three individuals battling Multiple Myeloma, a form of cancer that hits close to home. Their courage and resilience serve as a powerful motivation for our fundraising efforts.

As we lace up our shoes and hit the pavement, each kilometer signifies not only a physical feat but also a symbolic step towards progress in the fight against cancer. With every donation received and every supporter gained, we're moving closer to our goal of eradicating this disease for good.

Join us on this journey of hope, resilience, and unity. Together, as part of Sunny Sun Cycle, we can make a profound impact in the battle against cancer. Your support means everything as we strive to bring light into the lives of those affected by this illness.

Let's tell cancer where to go!

So far this year I’ve helped provide:

710 kids with a SunSmart education


32 calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


9 days of a PHD student’s world-class research

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Wendy & Laurie Barton


Michelle Brennecke

You go girl!


Julie Dyer

Great cause Annabel and Will as well as keeping fit.



Great work!! xx


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Annabel Barton


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Job well done Annabel xx


Jasper Ly

Proud of yew!


Laurie Barton

Go Bella


Tracie M

Good luck, hope you reach 50 km for the month


Gab Nesci

Sending big love to you, Will and family. Good luck! Love Gab and Will x




Janelle Saveski

Proud of you team 💪🏻


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Great work Annabel!




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