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I am taking part in The March Charge with Cancer Council and telling cancer where to go! Sadly cancer still takes too many of us. Research sees more people than ever survive but we’ve still a way to go. And I need your help to beat cancer. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to those who experience cancer. Please sponsor me today to support my challenge and join me in telling cancer where to go! Your donation will help our local Cancer Council support those affected right now and fund world changing research to help more people survive. Thank you for your support

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Airpak Sheetmetal

A worthy cause mate


Smithink Advisory

Great work mate.


Mosk Harman

Fucken love ya might massive effort


Linda Holton

So proud of you Deano


Gus’ Mowing & Maintenance

Proud of you darl! Such a worthy cause. Geez you’re a good bloke and we love ya. Gus & Hol xox


Evie Vretchkoff

Love this. Good on you!


Lachy Wing

good job mate love your work


Paul Vanni


Moose Robilliard

Good luck Holtzie, I’m sure you will do well.


Zoe And Jamie Goddard

Nice work Deano, great cause, best of luck!


Adam Toomey

Great stuff Might! Proud of ya mate.


The Bolgers

So proud. Well done Dean.


Carolyn Kay

Well done Deano 🙌


Sandra Holton

Well done Deano so proud of you💕


Chad & Liv


Dean Holton


Nathan Obrien

Good stuff holtsy!


Nath Clarke

Nice deano ✌🏽


Jimmy Proust

Nice work legend!


Damien Oakes

Nice work mate!


Scott Baxter

Great stuff silk 😘


Anthony And Amy Holton

Well done mate - really proud of you!


Jake Treloar

Good stuff mate love it X


Luke Crowe


Josh French

Love your work brother xx


Kerry Bandy

Great work Dean! We all need to tell cancer where to go!


Jake Elder

Love your work mate. Enjoy those km’s!


Matt French

You’re a legend mate. Well done x


Melinda Granger



Ryan Folkard


Karly O'brien


Karen And Greg Harman

Well done! Love kaz and Greg


Jack Robilliard

Love your work deano


Joshua English

When are we running 🏃‍♂️


Patricia Holton


Ben Mcinnes

On ya Deano


Jarrett Boland

Keep killing it mate 👌🏽


Adam Fyfe

Great job legend!!


Ridge & Loz

On ya Riss!!


Marc & Hannah

Proud of you deano! Xxx


Emily And Levi Balderston

Good work Deano. We are proud of you. Love Em & Levi xoxo


Matt Sharp


Blake Inwood

On ya legend


Mac & Chang



Luke Sullivan

Absolutely great bloke and an excellent thing to be doing Deano!


Suds & Ash X

Amazing Deano!! So happy to be getting behind you. Legend!!!


Mary Carryer

Legend Dean! Awesome effort for an amazing cause.


Ethan Tonelli

So great of you Deano and such a great cause. Love you mate.


Maddy Larke


James Wadick


Leo Evans

Hey mate, sorry donation isn’t much, last $1 i have before i get paid tonight. proud of you, hope you’re going good mate