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Well my friends on the 1st of March the General yelled 'CHARGE' and off the March chargers walked. Well not everyone. I rolled over gave the General the bird and went back to bed for yet another day resting to fight off parts of a flu that was lingering in our household.
 Days marched on and i was blessed to follow my flu with a half strength bout of gastro. Lucky me hey! 
With all that sickness and a few days catching up with my family over the weekend i was finally able to hit the track tonight. I definitely needed an outlet after spending the day behind the wheel hunting the most obnoxious big fat cows from every corner of the farm in packs of 3's. Many whom are still MIA!
 Jack the dog and I set off after dinner as soon as the shadow 9 year old was in the shower (its a sneaky business this alone walking). Headphones in and 'throwback workout' playlist cranking we managed nearly 5.8kms which is up on last years starting point of around 3kms. 
I was white as a ghost when i returned and the blood was hanging out in my finger tips but man i feel satisfied. Oh and relieved to be off the mark (well more than just my steps for the day). 
This years North Midlands chargers are  inspiring with some serious kms getting busted out and its so awesome to see their pics and posts each day with another reminder of why we are doing this. 
For me you all know its very personal and every step i take i take to help more of those struck down be lifted up and out of the whirlpool that cancer brings. Every day we get with our loved ones and in my case my little bro is a blessing. A blessing that will not last forever but one that we hope lasts as long as possible. 
For those charging, keep it up! 
For those watching on, please donate. Every dollar helps and could mean 38 years with your loved one instead of 18 months. Fiona Xx

I'm supporting Cancer Council's The March Charge...

...a month-long fitness challenge to raise funds for world-class cancer research, prevention programs, and support services

Every year in Australia about 44,000 cancer cases are diagnosed that could have been prevented. I'm doing my part to change this by getting active and fundraising to end cancer

Please sponsor me today to make every KM count! Every dollar raised is one step closer to a cancer free future.

Let's tell cancer where to go!

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