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I'm supporting Cancer Council's The March Charge...

This is my story I’d like to share with you, your support is what is going to motivate me to push for those extra km’s during the month of March.

I was diagnosed in December 2019 with Melanoma in thumb and had a half thumb amputation and 3 lymph nodes removed.  Unfortunately, the melanoma had spread from one of the lymph nodes.

In Jan 2020, I participate in a 12-month clinical trial of Immunotherapy.

In Jan 2021 it had metastasize to my lungs and I commenced 4 treatments of a stronger mixture of immunotherapy and was told if this didn’t work there was no further treatment available, this was my last attempt of a cure.            

After the 4 treatments over 4 months the melanoma not only grew in my lungs, but two tumours had appeared in my brain, I had targeted radiation treatment and was told in June 2021 that I had 6-8 months to live even with the treatment.

After the spot treatment on the two brain tumours an MRI showed good news, those two tumours were dying but there are now tumours in my stomach and more growth in my lungs.  I was offered to give chemo a go, even though chemo doesn’t really do much or anything for melanoma – what did I have to lose.

October 2021 a PET scan shows I now as at least 10 more brain tumours as well as more growth in the lungs, stomach, and random tumours in my body.    Next form of treatment was a onetime only whole head radiation, I was told I had 2-3 months, maybe an extra month with the radiation but really, I was only moving the goal post, the radiation may hold the rate of grow temporarily or may do nothing at all.   

This treatment showed a halt in growth of some of the tumours but 4 of them had kicked in and started to grow with the addition of a large new brain tumour.  Again, to move the goal post I had spot treatment on the new tumour on Christmas Eve 2021.

 With my determination and fight to live, I have surpassed my alleged used by date and am currently having 4 treatments of a new Immunotherapy drug from America, only the 2nd person in WA to be treated on compassionate grounds.  Once again, my Oncologist says THIS IS your last course of treatment after this there is NOTHING.  It may hold of the disease temporally, or it may not work at all.  25% chance of it doing anything.

 Throughout this journey I have tried to stay positive and motivated.  I continue to train with a Personal Trainer, 3 times a week, even threw all my radiation, chemo and immunotherapy.  When I’m low on  energy, fatigued, feeling nauseous, throwing up, feeling like I’m breathing through a straw  or feel like I’m going to pass out.

 Why do I push myself, that’s easy - I’ll go out on my terms and I’m not ready to give up! 

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Great idea Gary, all the very best


Gary Dyball


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You make us proud keep fighting