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The March Charge 2024

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I'm taking on Cancer Council's The March Charge...

The emotional weight of cancer can be intense, and there are days when it feels impossible to push past your limits. But for me, overcoming these obstacles has been achieved through the power of positivity. It's in these moments of challenge that I've learned the true strength of myself, the mind, and the importance of resilience. And surprisingly how maintaining a positive mindset can influence our physical health.


But I haven’t done it alone, the outpouring of love and support from friends, both old and new, near, or far has been nothing short of overwhelming. It's reminded me of the impact cancer has on so many lives and families.

 So as many of us navigate this road of uncertainty, Lets raise our voices and stretch our legs! Let's come together from all over the world and break through boundaries together to move towards a future where cancer is a thing of the past! X

So far this year I’ve helped provide:

760 kids with a SunSmart education


34 calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


10 days of a PHD student’s world-class research

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Abi Sardinia-ross

Super hero.


Aaron Fischer


Alison Packer

Stay strong Gina!


Amanda Birkhead


Nana Momoa

Get it girl! So proud of you!


Phelim O'neill

Well done Gina you're phenomenal


Michael Gordon

Go Gina.


Shellbell & Charli

You are incredible!!


Kelly Hinton


Kylie Warren

We are all behind you Gina!