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The March Charge 2020

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I am taking part in The March Charge with Cancer Council and telling cancer where to go! Sadly cancer still takes too many of us. Research sees more people than ever survive but we’ve still a way to go. And I need your help to beat cancer. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to those who experience cancer. Please sponsor me today to support my challenge and join me in telling cancer where to go! Your donation will help our local Cancer Council support those affected right now and fund world changing research to help more people survive. Thank you for your support

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Today I walked with my eldest and had a wonderful hour an a half of chatting and enjoying each other. We clicked 9000 steps and so much more in other ways. Time best spent .,????

'Not everything that is important is quantifiable And not everything quantifiable, is important.'

As the quote sort of goes. But sometimes by quantifying things, we see how we can keep the precious unquantifiables as our priorities. The best of both worlds.

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Kate Jennings

Go Helen! I'll join you for one of those walks when your back in town.... Kate x


Clare Milligan

Good luck Hellie - well done! xx


Katie Jackson

Go Hellie You awesome superstar sis🌟


Karen Kennedy

Enjoy the walk For such a good cause.



Woooaah good look Helen! You're amazing xx