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We're taking part in The March Charge with Cancer Council and telling cancer where to go! Sadly cancer still takes too many of us. 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Research sees more people than ever survive but we’ve still got a way to go. And we need your help to end cancer. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to those who experience cancer. Please sponsor our team today to support our challenge and join us in telling cancer where to go! Your donation will help our local Cancer Council support those affected right now and fund world-changing research to help more people survive. Thank you for your support.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Jamileh Ayoub Drew

Sending good strong vibes to your strong beautiful ladies xxx


Ciara-mei Cheng

Proud of you, brother of mine


Karen Hardy


Simmo And Mags Cheng

Great work son!


Libby And Kirby


Hayley Duggan

Send love to Deb and your crew xx




Anya And Ronin Cheng

Way to go Conor!


Tom Cullen

Good luck and fair weather!


Julie Riordan

Love and support to you all ♥️


Conor Cheng


Nathan Donald


Kacie Fisher


Tina Casey

Great work Conor. You got this.



Goooo Conner!!


Julie Young

Love you guys


Izzy Odger


Adam Holloway


Bruce Collins


Sharyn O’sullivan

Sending positive vibes to all your wonderful ladies




Alyson Chard

Love to you and Deb and all the family.







Darryl Cullen

Well done mate


Kylie Kelso-smith

Well done Nathan! Sending you all positive vibes x





Felica Hilleary


Nikki Poole

Good on you Nath! Big love to you all xx


Teddy W

Well, we couldn't find cancer, but we found a man with cancer! Take that cancer! And that! - Russell Crowe, South Park, Season 6, Episode 5.


Liz Clancy

You’ve got a heart of gold


Daniel Chong

Hope you're doing well man and best of luck with the 85km!