Lauren Alam

The March Charge 2021

Life sucks sometimes

Hey guys!

This is my 6th year raising money for the cancer council in honour of my parents who both fought cancer and passed away as a result.

Life sucks sometimes so this page is hopefully going to be a little light hearted and maybe a little inspiring. Join me this year as I attempt bouldering and daily fitness.

 Every donor will get a personalised thank you (with a hilariously bad sketch or poem).

Please sponsor me today to support my challenge and join me in telling cancer where to go! 

And get in touch with me!

Got a crazy challenge or something you want me to do? Let's give it a try

Thank you to my Sponsors


Shanlee Van Doorn

Hi Lauren, this is from me and my mum, glad to help you reach your goal. Don’t have to say anything, you know we think you’re great.


Gillian Abadines



Ellen Lonergan

I am so proud of you Loz!


Isaac Hogan

Deez nuts, ha got eem.


Aunty Chris

So proud of you Lauren! 💖💖


Georgette Assad

Good on you Lauren!! So proud of you ! ❤️❤️😘😘


Gulman M

You go girl



Always so proud of you 💗💗


Emelyne Boumehrez

You are my living inspiration queen. You are so strong and persistent in what you do. Nothong can stop you from getting to what you want. You havr been a very close friend for 10 years going onto 11. You have always been there for me. I am beyond proud that this is your 6th yeear doing this ♡


Courtney Bugeja

Love ya work Lauren xx


Hannah Schmoll

You’re the epitome of resilience! Stay awesome x


Lauren Alam

In honour of my first real climb and all the amazing people who supported me to get there


Patrisha Domingo

It's still March!!!


Auslene Francis

You are the actual best hooman ever


Emma Bucholtz


Teasha Poblet

Best wishes! Love the new kitties


Gerard-lachlan Abadines

Go Loz!


Selina Shin



What a wonderful thing to do in honour of your parents. I bet they would be proud of the kind and successful person you are x


Zorica Bicanic

Good luck Lauren!


Jieming Cheng

Heyy Lauren, I am really sorry to know that cancer has taken your mom and dad away. I wanted to donate something for the good cause when I first saw your post but the thought just has been sitting at the back of my mind until now! You are always so kind and has such a cheerful spirit. I know amazing things await ahead for you! Best wishes!


Madeleine Owens

What you are doing is so wonderful. Good luck gorg 💓


Stephanie Liang


Rachel Stock

Holaaa! I hope you know that you’re something of an inspiration. You’re the kindest person and you’ve had a million and one things thrown at you. Some people would give up, some people would be bitter but you just keep on going and still manage to be the nicest person I know! And then on top of that you do things like this! You go girl!! ❤️


Melany Rooney



Deneale Zahra

Welldone babe 🥰


Lauren Oblique

You go, fellow Lauren!


Georgia Van Oirschot


Chloe Hamilton

You’re a legend, Lauren. Keep fighting.


Amy Borg



You are amazing and such an inspiration! So proud and honoured to be your friend!


George Bryan

You don’t have to send the personalised thank you :)