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The March Charge 2024

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My target 50kms

Thank you very much!

Dear friends and family,
Thank you very much for your support for the Cancer Council and supporting me as I walk. I am halfway to my goal of walking 50km in March, and thanks to you all I have had to increase my fundraising goal… this time I went BIG and aimed for $1000! Let’s see how we go, and I am thinking of all my friends and family impacted by cancer. Xo

Thank you Again!

Very happy to be walking each day, sometimes with one or two of my kids and dogs. And thinking of all my friends and family members affected by cancer. I can’t work out how to add to my original post, but I am walking for my dear Victoria’s father, the fabulous Miss Paula, and Jack. Sending you strength and love, and grateful for people’s support of the Cancer Council. 

Thank you!

I started with a goal of $300, and have doubled it. Thank you, friends and family. It is great to support the Cancer Council this way, and thank you again for your encouragement.  Xo

Tomorrow it starts!

I hoped you enjoyed your leap day (29th of February) today! I start my walking tomorrow! And I get to raise my goal again thanks to my amazing friends and family who are supporting the cancel council! Thank you! 

Increased my target again!

Hello family and friends, I have had to extend my goal again, because of your generosity! A little or a lot, any amount will help the cancer council research ways to prevent or cure cancer, or support people going through it. I think everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Friday is the 1st of March, and I will post photos from time to time of my March walks! (Sorry, I’m not up to running! But I guess Sylvia will run on her little legs to keep up with me!)

Thank you!

Thank you to the generous support of my friends and family, I had to increase my goal! I am looking forward to walking with my colleagues before school, and also my kids and dogs in the afternoon (if I can talk them into joining me for a walk!) 

So many people are affected by cancer, and research and support is essential. Australia has made some groundbreaking discoveries  and it’s great that we can be a part of that! 

Please share my link with your friends and families to help support more people with cancer! (Rethinking my photo with that hat/cape/glove combo now…!)

I'm taking on Cancer Council's The March Charge...

This is to support people going through a difficult journey, past, present and future.
-Thinking of Nathan Giles (vale to a gentle soul) and his beautiful family.
-Holding my Uncle Ian in my thoughts.
-Remembering Auntie Pam’s eye!
-Grateful for my mum’s melanoma removal and no reoccurrence, but regular check ups.
-will add others as I go. 
With love from Leah xo

So far this year I’ve helped provide:

753 kids with a SunSmart education


34 calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


10 days of a PHD student’s world-class research

My Fundraising over the years

Thank you to my Sponsors


Abi Clements

For my amazing mum! Keep up the great effort and keeping on being the best! Love you always!


Beth X

Such a worthy cause!



You are Wonderful! What a terrific effort.


Carolyn Melbourne

Good on you Leah!


Dallas Neale

Thank for taking part in this...Go, girl!


Ruth Clements

Good luck!



You are amazing! Great work, Leah.😀😀



Woo! Great cause. Bestest wishes xx


Blaire Clarke

Top job Leah!


Janet Allen

All the best and enjoy the Autumn air and sunshine!



Keep up the good work Leah



Almost made 50km in a month! Very grateful for the support of my friends and family as we raise money for the amazing work of the Cancer Council.


Tammy Hennessy


Louise Smith


Jack N Jill


Anne Kerle

Go girl!


Leah Clements


Joan Mckay

Great job, Leah. May have donated twice. That’s okay. Memory problems! Joanx


Ash Watson


Wendy Chapman


Janelle Kemp

Great work Leah 👍


Jane Dove

Great work Leah!