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Charging for Blake

This march, I'll be charging for my brother. 


Last year, the last day of the march charge, was named 'Blakes Day' after his effort to individually raise over $13,000 towards cancer research. 

For people that don't know Blakes story... 

Blake passed away on the 26th July 2021, a few weeks before his 31st birthday. Blake was first diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 21, after experiencing months of headaches, which lead to a visit to his local GP who referred him for an emergency CT scan, only to find a tumour the size of a golf ball in the middle of his head. 2011, was the year Blakes cancer journey began, the longest time he would spend in remission was 14months, he has a record of beating cancer 11 times. Unfortunately Blake’s 20s were predominately spent in hospital beds, receiving round after round of chemotherapy and radiation, having numerous brain surgeries, attempting stem cell transplants as well as receiving chemotherapy directly into his cerebral spinal fluid. All of which only worked temporarily. In January of 2021, with only 7 months in remission, 3 more tumours were located in Blakes head. From then, he had trips to the emergency department, heart ECG scans, countless blood tests and appointments to determine what his next step would be. It was identified that due to the years of treatment, Blakes body was no longer as strong as it once was, and his bone marrow wasn't producing blood at a normal functioning level. In May of 2021, Blakes Drs reported bleeding on his brain due to his blood levels being so low, which resulted in Blake receiving up to 3 blood transfusions a week just to keep his blood at a functioning level. As Blake was nearing 10 years on this journey, his body was failing him and his fight was unfortunately coming to an end. After being informed by Drs that he had week to live, he was fortunate enough to have a 'living wake', where 500+ people were in attendance to say their last goodbyes. Which is an demonstrating example of how impactful and influential Blake was to so many people. 

No matter his challenges, or the difficult cards he was dealt. Blakes attitude and resilience would always show through, with a smile on his face or a terrible dad joke at hand. Blake was and will always be a true inspiration. #Stronglikemong 


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