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The March Charge 2024

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My target 100kms

I'm running 100kms for Cancer Council's The March Charge...

...a month-long fitness challenge to raise funds for world-class cancer research, prevention programs, and support services

1 in 2 Australians - it’s too many! 

As of 24 Feb I can run exactly….zero distance. So running 100kms in March will be TOUGH. But not as tough as going through cancer. 

Please sponsor me today to make every KM count! Every dollar raised will help support Cancer Council’s life-saving cancer research, prevention programs and support services (like their free, confidential Information and Support line 13 11 20) for people affected by cancer. 

Let's tell cancer where to go!

So far this year I’ve helped provide:

920 kids with a SunSmart education


42 calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


12 days of a PHD student’s world-class research

My Fundraising over the years

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew Nikolaidis

All the best Lyrian!



Go well Lyrian!


Penny Egan

You are a star no matter how many Kms you do


Roger Milne


Lil Sis

Goal Reached xxx


Amanda Piper

What a champion, and remember, any pace is a good pace!


Sarah Durkin

Very inspiring Lyrian! Hope this helps motivate the next few kms.


Sarah Saunders

Lyrian you are amazing, good luck my friend!


Moira, Pete And Snoop

I’m impressed. You can do it xx


Sarah Clement


Derek Farquhar

Standard unit of currency between us. One pineapple


Marnie Buller

I love this ambition and the great cause, well done’


Libby Mcmeekin



I’m loving this!! If anyone can do this you can Lyrian!! Smash those 100kms out of the park!


Craig Sinclair

Good luck Lyrian!


Sue Evans

100km Lydian! I want to see evidence :) Not really… well done you!



If anyone is going to make the 100km from nothing I think it's you Lyrian!


Trudie Soar

Nice work 😊


Helen Vandervelde

Thanks for your efforts in participating in this run and for all that you do for the Cancer Council. I couldn't run a country mile if a dinosaur was chasing me. LOL!


Lyrian Fleming-parsley


Natalie Gibbs

Keep going Lyrian - you're doing great!