Rudy De la Garza

The March Charge 2022

$1000 donated! Thank you Legends

Great donations, great cause

I'm supporting Cancer Council's The March Charge...

To support friends & family, I'm running in March to raise funds for world-class cancer research. Big breakthroughs will ultimately save a lot of lives! 

44,000 cancer cases are diagnosed (in Australia alone) that could have been prevented. Let's do our part to change this by getting active and fundraising to end cancer whoop whoop!

If you could contribute with a donation that will be great! Alternatively you can also join me in some runs during March : ) 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Shanti Berggren

Run Rudy Run! Well done shining a light on this worthy cause. S.


Rudy De La Garza


Ricky Lopez


Martin Roa Skramstad

Awesome initiative Rudy! Let me know if you need me to activate the "Kurtosh cheerleader team" along your running route for a motivational booster!


Ali & Miko

That's an awesome initiative, big props for spreading the awareness and helping out your friends and family.




Zahia Chaaban

Great work buddy!! Proud of you for doing this!


Meng Tay

Go, Rudy! My knees won't allow me to run with you that far, but I totally support the initiative. I have been thru a cancer experience in my family so I know how hard it is. Happy to chat too if you like.


Nicolas Aubry

Unfortunately I cannot run at this time. Great cause, go Rudy!!


Kris Nubla

Great initiative mate! Go for Gold 👍


Brad Sullivan

Wonderful initiative Rudy and a such a worthy cause. Good luck!


Nicole Elizabeth Aspray

Such a great thing you are doing! Thanks Rudy



Great initiative Rudy! Thanks for spreading the awareness.




Vivian Wang

Great initiative! Good on you!


Alan Brnabic

Run Rudy Run




Rakesh Nair

All the best Rudy!


Javier Ortiz




Jingjing Fu

Well done, Rudy!


Lisa Maher

Go for it, Rudy!!!