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The March Charge 2024

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My target 130kms

Run for Pampy

This year for the month of march i will be taking on the challenge of running 130km across the month in hopes to raise $1076 to help fund cancer research 

Last month we lost my grandpa, Pampy, to cancer at the age of 76, many years before this we also lost my grandma to cancer at the age of 54. For my family and myself this is an illness we are no stranger to, thats why this year I am putting my hand up to take part and do my bit to help make the future look brighter in finding the cure for this deadly illness

This challenge is to express my love, appreciation and gratitude to the loving, funny, generous, kind and grumpy man he was 

To break this challenge down I will need to complete 5 x 6.5km runs 5 days a week for the entirety of the month

Sunday March 31st will be my final run where i will be running 10km to end my fundraiser 

I hope to achieve this goal but i cannot achieve this without your support, anything helps! a small donation or some kind words of encouragement will go a long way!

Please feel free to share this with your family, friends or even your workplace and colleagues a little can go a long way! 

Wish me luck and thank you for all your support!   

So far this year I’ve helped provide:

1853 kids with a SunSmart education


84 calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


25 days of a PHD student’s world-class research

My Fundraising over the years

Thank you to my Sponsors



Check your message requests. I'm here for you. All the best


Rcg Roofing

Such a great cause! We are sure you will do your Grandfather proud!


Renee And Chris

Love you Timbo ❤️


Stefan Krcmarevic

Good to know you’re running more than just your mouth


Jem Page

Will always be so proud of you. You’ve got this ❤️ love you


Martin Hill

So proud of you Tim, you are a role model to everyone.


Joaquin Bradford

Proud of your work mate, Love ya heaps ❤️



So proud of you my Timmy, love you so much ♥️


Nan And Pop

So proud of you Tim lots of Love Nan and Pop xxx


Noah El

Love you habib


Jake O’mullane

All luv mate


Ary Trimbonias



Matthew Irwin

Great work man


Suzy Reis

Go Tim!! No doubt your grandfather would be so proud!


Bella Page


Ghost Hill

Woof, woof, woof, go Uncle Timmy, you are a legend, woof, woof, woof


Justim Barnett

Such a good cause big dog 💪 Good on you!


Staz P

Go Timbo! You should be so proud 🙌🏼


Georgia Mall


Alina Trbuhovich

Nice thing to do for your gramps 🩷 YOU GOT THIS! 🏃💨


Ljeana Sicat

much love tim tam ❣️


Taylor Prehn

Amazing cause Tim!!! You’re a hero


Sarah Tokatlidis

What a great cause, well done Tim! 👏🏼🙏🏼


Tom Garcia

🏃🫶 much love timbo 🫶 🏃


Belinda D



Tait Wenzlick

Smash it brother, support from Nz, catch you for a beer not long after it’s done!!


Georgia Bishop


Myer Teu

Let’s go Timmy! You got this. Proud of you.


Jett Tapp

love u bb


Briley Marwick

Keep at it boss dog 🤍


Phillip (myer’s Mate)

What a challenge! Love the charity run hustle. All the best.


Emma Singe

Get it Timmy!!


Tristan Du Plessis





Anabelle Hill

For our pampy <3