Tonia Marsh

The March Charge 2024

My Activity Tracking


My target 300kms

Day 5& 6 - Progressing slowly yet striving to keep above 10KM.

Both days began with an early 2.8 km walk to the Sydenham train station, a journey I used to race through audiobooks. The day concluded in the same way. To accumulate more kilometers, I made sure to include a walk during lunchtime. At work, I chose the stairs over the elevator and took every opportunity to walk. Despite the hectic workdays, I strived to increase my step count.

Day 4

 My day began with an invigorating 3 km walk to Sydenham station, setting the tone for the day ahead. I then caught my morning train to work. Later, I added a 20-minute walk to and from a vendor meeting, choosing to take the stairs over the lift throughout the day for that extra bit of exercise. As the workday drew to a close, I hopped on a train to Redfern and hurried to Alexandria for a calming yoga session. The day concluded on a high note with a 5.4 km walk home. It was indeed a fulfilling day, perfectly blending work, fitness, and relaxation. :)

Day 3

Day 3: Because of the heat, I decided on a shorter walk and Marty and  I embarked on a coastal walk from Manly to Collaroy. The day was nothing short of spectacular. The sky, a brilliant shade of blue, mirrored the crystal-clear waters below. As we walked, we were treated to a variety of sights - surf competitions, beach volleyball and pickle ball matches, golfers perfecting their swing, kite surfers riding the waves, and paragliders soaring high above. The long walks along the sandy beach were punctuated by several cheeky dips in the ocean.

As the day ended, we caught a bus back to Manly and hopped on the fast ferry across the harbour. The cityscape of Sydney, bathed in the soft glow of the setting sun, showed its beauty. It was a great day in a beautiful city, and a fantastic way to meet my step count goal. Sydney, you truly are a walker’s paradise! :)

Day 2

 Today’s walking sessions were more fragmented, interspersed throughout the day as I was engaged in various chores. The day started with a serene early morning walk. As the day progressed, I incorporated my walks into my household tasks, including a few trips to the grocery store and collecting my dry cleaning. I managed to stay active while also accomplishing my daily chores.  It was a day of multitasking and making every step count! :) 

Day 1

My day began at a leisurely pace with a refreshing 3 km stroll in the morning, followed by a brief walk during lunch. The highlight, however, was the evening. I tricked my partner into embarking on an extended walk during dinner time. To add to the fun, we parked our car at a considerable distance from our destination. This not only added to our daily step count but also made for an enjoyable and memorable experience looking at all the fun activities on the street leading up to Mardi gras.

I'm taking on Cancer Council's The March Charge...

...a month-long fitness challenge to raise funds for world-class cancer research, prevention programs, and support services

This year in Australia an estimated 162,000 people will hear the words "you have cancer", I'm doing my part to change this by getting active and fundraising for people impacted by cancer. 

Please sponsor me today to make every KM count! Every dollar raised will help support Cancer Council’s life-saving cancer research, prevention programs and support services (like their free, confidential Information and Support line 13 11 20) for people affected by cancer. 

Let's tell cancer where to go!

So far this year I’ve helped provide:

343 kids with a SunSmart education


15 calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


4 days of a PHD student’s world-class research

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