Set and smash a March fitness goal

to raise funds for life-saving cancer research

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Your steps are saving lives.
Feel the Charge.

Your steps are saving lives. Feel the Charge.

The March Charge is the virtual month-long fitness challenge anyone can do – because you set the goal yourself. Choose a distance for your Charge, walk or run it by yourself or as a team, and raise vital funds for life-saving cancer research.


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How Charging works

1. Register

Sign up to Charge as an individual, team or workplace.

2. Set

Decide on your personal KM goal for the month of March.

3. Promote

Share your Charge and raise funds for cancer research.

4. Charge

Get active throughout March and track your KMs as you go!

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Why you should Charge this March

Thanks to you, our valued supporters, we’ve been able to continue supporting people impacted by cancer through the COVID-19 pandemic. But we’re not out of the woods yet. Over the next year, we’re facing a drop of more than $20million in funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means there will be over $20million less in vital funds for people impacted by cancer.

Research is vital in helping us improve outcomes for cancer patients. This year, we will have to reduce our funding to new research grants by about 70%, which could set back research progress in some areas and delay the development of vital new treatments for people diagnosed with cancer in the coming years. We need your support to continue providing our vital research and services to the people who need it most, now and into the future.

Let your steps do the talking – Feel the Charge!

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